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The future of internet is Web 3.0

We invest in the future

Our mission is to invest in crypto projects with lots of potential, before anyone else

Cryptocurrency analysis

Fundamental and in-depth analysis of promising projects

Proven, tested system

We are new but we are veterans. We invest in projects before they hit the market in 2017 now

Blockchain technology

The blockchain is here to stay and improve all the infrastructures residing on the network

Global network

We have a network that includes influencers, communities, and a lot of knowledge in the crypto field

All Chains

We invest in the best projects built on Ethereum, BSC, Fantom, Matic, Polkadot, Cardano and more

How it Works

Before investing in a project, we make a series of analyzes that include various factors, structured in the following method.


Study - We analyze the market sentiment, the potential of new projects and their token use-cases, their tokenomics, their team and their experience.


Connect - In the second phase we move to the direct approach with the team of the project in question and we get to know each other.


Invest - If the project has hit us, we invest in it. We invest not only money but also our resources in helping the project connect with our knowledge.


Scale - The last step is to help the project scale through our marketing network.


A series of questions and answers to help you get to know us better.

All crypto investments are high risk investments. There are many factors that can influence the outcome of the investment and sometimes they are not in our hands.

Halvings Capital is always looking for new investors who can broaden our range of knowledge, and who can help us expand our network. For more info, join Telegram.

Depending on distributions, congestion of networks, etc. our fees price range from 10 to 15%

When you invest with us you have to fill a form where to insert the wallet you want to receive tokens on. We will do the distribution as soon as we receive the tokens

We are just three crypto enthusiasts who have been in this world studying, researching, reading every day for four years.

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Safe / Secure / Private

The future of finance is DeFi

Many of the projects we invest in belong to the world of DeFi. CeFi is the future of banks, DeFi is the future of CeFi. We invest in DeFi before everyone else

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